CBD vs. THC? What's the difference and which works better for pain?

I need a prescription for inflammation of my joints.
That Candyland sounds like my solution. What do you need to help me to get a scrip?


Thanks for asking this question as it does come up often. When addressing pain, the answer is that THC works far better for pain relief than just CBD alone. If fact, pain relief is the main effect that THC seems to deliver in whatever form it is taken. The raw form of THC, called THCA is also very good for inflammation which when applied results in pain relief as well.
CBD on the other hand, is extremely good for seizures, muscle spasms, depression, anxiety, and also for inflammation. I have heard athletes say they tried pure CBD oil on neck pain & it didn’t help but when using THC they got the pain relief they were looking for. A combination of THC & CBD is also a very good option.


It does. I’m sure because it works on the central nervous system. It helps me with anxiety and pain and I am more focused. Sleep is still a difficult issue. I’ve tried a variety recommended by others, but it’s still challenging.


CBD topicals can work great for pain relief. It’s important to know if the whole marijuana plant is used in the topical or not. Terpenes play a huge role in providing what’s called the entourage effect. A CBD hemp derived product will provide a different effect than a marijuana CBD product that uses a high CBD strain. You also want to check the product for ingredients like essential oils which help to alleviate pain and inflammation. Lavender, frankincense, and peppermint are just a few which help to relieve pain. CBD topicals from marijuana can be a little challenging to find.

Oral CBD tinctures can help internally to decrease systemic inflammation.


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