Cleaning a vape always seems hard. How do you clean the Firefly?

I recommend you purchase a box of alcohol wipes. They are the easiest, safest way to remove cannabis resin from vapes and instruments. You can find them at any local pharmacy.


Firefly is one of the easiest vapes to clean! Simply remove the magnetic lid and swipe down the glass surfaces and glass bowl with an alcohol wipe. If you are vaping loose-leaf material in your Fly, you can also remove the mouthpiece and clear out any loose material with the toothpick tool from our cleaning kit.


I clean mine after I use it (while it is still warm) with a dry paper towel. No need to use alcohol if you do it after you use it. If it is cold I use the alcohol with the paper towel. Either way this is the easiest vape to clean imo.


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