could a high from marijuana lead to lifelong brain damage and stupidity ?

"hi.i;ve been smokin marijuana for over a year. not like smoking every day but… le’s say here n then once a month – a week ? maybe. i may’ve smoked about 20-30 times at max probablity. so i smoked a joint after 4 clear weeks of not-smokin anything.then i smoked half a joint 4 days ago with my friend.and got really high.and it kinda went away the day after and i started to feel normal. but then i smoked another joint last night and i;d forgot that THC was already in my system, anyway i smoked the joint and got unbelievably high and i was alone this time so i freaked out and everything got paranoiac !? i slept for like 12 hours and when i woke up i was still feeling disconnected.i am still feeling disconnected. it’s been around 12 hours since i woke up. it;s not like a normal high . i jsut feel disconnecte from reality and it never happened before and i.m really scared .i don’t know what to do . i just try to keep myself together . idon’t know if i’m gonna be like this forever or not. please help. and also i had a pill of Loratadin (antihistamine) for my allergy . idont know if it has anything to do with the effects of weed . i think i’m gonna be stupid for ever . or i’m just really scared"


There are many reports out there that either support the claim that marijuana adversely affects the brain or doesn’t. First, clinical research must be licensed through the DEA and approved by the FDA. Unfortunately, the FDA classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 drug.

Additionally, it is important to regard your own intuition. For people who have a higher level of anxiety or prone to panic attacks marijuana can aggravate your symptoms. I have also experienced increased anxiety at times when I consume too much THC. Through trial and error, I decided to medicate in small amounts and do something that doesn’t overwhelm me like listening to music or watching a movie.

"Marijuana impairs light users’ attention and concentration but doesn’t appear to affect regular or heavy users within six hours of smoking or ingesting it. In the long run, researchers have found that after 3 weeks or more since last using marijuana, subjects’ attention and concentration return to normal." – (published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine)

You haven’t gone mad after all…Cheers!

To understand scientifically how marijuana affects your brain I recommend that you watch this short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeF6rFN9org


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