Could cannabis help my hypothyroidism?

"I’m a 30 year old woman who has been taking synthroid for the last 6 months and I have to keep adjusting my dose. Could cannabis oil help me?"

It would be best for you to take a prescribed thyroid supplement and have your thyroid gland evaluated to rule out causes like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder that causes the unchecked immune system to attack the Thyroid gland. The Thyroid gland regulates metabolism and it’s impacts are wide spread…from temperature regulation to weight gain. The symptoms of hypothyroidism can look a lot like depression and low T. A sativa dominant product that is long duration may benefit your mood and speed your metabolism but you will be treating symptoms…not the cause!


I was also placed on thyroid medication around the age of 30 years old and have always felt it was mistake because the underlying cause was never addressed. Once you are on medication for three months it is very difficult to get off the medicine because the medication overrides your normal feedback loop and the body is resistant to going back to working properly. What helps the thyroid function? You must have adequate vitamin D and iodine for your thyroid dysfunction.
A 24 hour urinary iodine would let you know if your iodine level is too low.
A simple blood test for vitamin D (25-OH D) must be above 50 ng/ML for optimal health outcome but the lab values are wrong, 30 ng/ml to 50 ng/ml is the disease range.
Synthroid is only T4 and it requires that a sick thyroid make the conversion from T4 to the biologically active free T3 molecule. T4 deteriorates the bones.
Do you have antibodies to your thyroid? TPO or microsomal bodies?
Are you eating too many cruciferous vegetables because that can bind up your thyroid and that also could account for the variations and the way you feel. Many times people are allergic to cow dairy and that also can present problems in the thyroid.
Cannabis should help you by decreasing inflammatory cells in the body, especially the high CBD, low THC for daytime use but at night you might enjoy a 1:1, CBD : THC tincture.
Ashwaghanda is an ayurvedic Herb that can help you in balancing your hormones.
Good luck and come back for more help if you need help.


Using cannabis should not interact or interfere with your thyroid unless you took the thyroid medication at the same time as an edible because all thyroid medicine should be taken on an empty stomach with water for best absorption. You likely may be Vitamin D deficient though so you may want to be certain you are taking vitamin D regularly and vitamin D deficiency will cause hypothyroidism, depression and many other medical problems including chronic pain.


What kind of thyroid disease do you have? Many people suffer from Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune form of hypothyroidism. The use of CBD oil is promising for treatment of autoimmune disorders, however I would not recommend replacing your Synthyroid with CBD oil cold turkey, but having your thyroid hormones closely monitored by your primary physician. You may be able to trend some benefits over time and possibly reduce your dosing. If you have hypothyroidism due to other causes (surgical, etc), you will likely require supplemental thyroid (i.e. Synthyroid, Armour thyroid) permanently. If you are unsure which type of thyroid disease you have, request testing for Hashimoto’s by your primary doctor, which is a laboratory test.


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