Could I stop prescription medications?

"I am currently taking CBD for congestive heart failure. It has been very helpful with a lot of symptoms including giving me energy and I need to know about it’s effect on the prescriptions I take. I am on bisoprolol, clopidogrel (plavics), and lisinopril. I need to know if I could cut back or stop taking these."

The benefits you are experiencing from CBD are probably not the result of any known direct actions on the cardiovascular system and I would suggest not changing your other medications unless your cardiologist approves a dose reduction. I also want to be sure you are aware that Plavix, like other anticoagulants, shares the same metabolic pathway as the cannabinoids, so simultaneous use of cannabis and Plavix might have a small clinical effect of increasing the anticoagulant level. For most patients this is not significant, but if using cannabis while on Plavix you should make sure you have regular testing of your INR.


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