Could you please give a "temperature best practices" list for each type of cannabis for my VapeExhale?

"I have noticed that the temperatures you suggest are not the best for my unit (Just bought it in December).

For instance I have learned that flower is at a particular temperature to get the best vapor. For wax it’s different. The temperature I use is actually lower than you suggest. I figure that shatter has a different temperature setting…

Also, perhaps its different for each type of unit? Is it different?

Could you please give a list of best temperature settings for each type of cannabis to use with my VapeExhale ?"

Thank you for purchasing a Vapexhale EVO, we appreciate it. To answer your questions, yes, different temperature produce different results but the "best" setting for each substance is quite difficult because each person’s subjective interpretation is different.

For example, some of our patients use the maximum temp for any concentrate to get the full medication effect in one inhalation. Others find this to be too harsh and use the 1-2 o clock setting. Others, like Bubbleman, use the lowest temp for his concentrates and takes anywhere from 15-20 inhalations per Vapexnail.

You are doing it correctly, find the temp through trial and error that YOU like best. Our suggestions for temperature are just to get you started and in the right ballpark area, the rest of the fine tuning, like a chef, is up to the individual.


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