D or D3 That is the question?

"So I have a question. I was told I needed to start taking vitamin D. I have tried to find it but everywhere I go I can only find D3. I need to know if I will be getting what I need as prescribed if I take D3 or do I need to try and find vitamin D? I am not sure if there is even a difference between the two. Thanks"

Vitamin D is a name assigned to a group of 2 vitamins, D3 and D2. The most common and most used form of vitamin D is the vitamin D3 and also, the naturally produced form of vitamin D by your body through sun exposure is D3, or cholecalciferol. That is the form of vitamin D referred on prescriptions, and i guess no one uses D2 these days unless for researches.

It is the most bio-available type of this vitamin and the best choice you can make for your health. You can take a blood test for Vitamin D (25-OH D), and after that make sure your levels are always higher than 50ng/ml for a better health.

The other type of vitamin D, ergocalciferol or vitamin D2, is not efficient due to its low shelf life and the fact that its metabolites bind poorly with proteins, making the absorption harder.

If you can’t produce enough vitamin D by safe sun exposure, daily, try to supplement with vitamin d3 sublingual tablets, since the absorption is better.

And always keep in mind that the vitamins and minerals works in synergy, so it is always good to have your intakes of magnesium, vitamin k2 and others in check along with the vitamin d3.

Gabriel Henriques

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