Do i disclose my medical marijuana usage at my job interview?

"Am I expected to do this? I take marijuana for my period cramps and am anticipating having to possibly go in once a month high. I’m wondering if it is okay, or advisable to inform a potential employer?"

If you risk drug testing, I’d be proactive and do so. I’d use Foria vaginal suppositories or expect a rightfully skeptical employer. If you are to operate equipment or perform any other delicate function that might be thought dangerous/impaired under the influence of a drug, I’d be proactive and do so. It’s best to discuss this with an experienced employment lawyer.


I think you don’t need to tell anyone about it. The website clearly states that all our records are kept private. If at all any checking comes in the company, you can show your medical card, and can tell at that time. Until that, ​I guess no need to tell anyone.

Thank You.


It is completely up to you wether or not to disclose your cannabis use at your job interview. You employer is not able to see any medical record at all that was done when you received your recommendation. They do have the right at the interview to perform a drug screen however.
If its your employers policy to perform random drug screens at work and you do test positive for cannabis, the courts have ruled that having a cannabis recommendation for a medical reason will NOT protect your job. The courts have said that your employer has the right to have a zero drug tolerance policy and you can be fired for testing positive despite have a medical condition that is being treated with cannabis.

Perry Solomon, MD

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