Do I need a medical cannabis card in CA 2018?

"Do I need a medical cannabis card and Dr’s Rec to buy from a dispensary in CA after 2018?"

The answer is….it depends. While adult use is supposed to start January 2, there are many cities, towns and counties that have elected not to have adult use dispenaries in their jurisdiction. Some of them already have dispensaries that sell cannabis products to patients with medical cards and some will obtain a adult use license, which may or may not be in place by January 2. With those dispensaries that are medical use only, you will still need your recommendation to purchase products.

With a cannabis card issued by the state, you are entitled to a tax break as well, usally about 9% or so. You will need to use your recommendation and visit your local Department of Health to obtain this.

It is best to call the dispensary that you visit prior to traveling there. You can also use a delivery service to bring your purchase directly to your door.

Perry Solomon, MD

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