Do Terra Bites have a particular strain in them, or how do strains relate to edibles?

"I have read that I should be aware of what strain I am taking for best effect. I am dealing with persistent back pain from an injury."

Our edible products (including the Terra Bites) all contain hybrid strains of cannabis- so you will have both sativa and indica effects from them. With edibles it’s challenging to make products strain-specific because of the difficulty of scaling for mass production. The jury is also out on how much the strain really impacts the edibles experience. Here is an excellent article from Leafly about the impact of using specific strains on cannabis edibles. After some experimentation they concluded that people had trouble telling the difference between a pure sativa and pure indica edible experience. This may have something to do with the way human bodies process THC when eaten, and it may even be impacted by a person’s expectations of the experience itself.



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