Do you add terpenes back into the CO2 oil or is it just a regular extraction?

We use a proprietary terpene-separation process which enables us to preserve and reintroduce the original terpenes (extracted from the original flower, not food grade imitations) into our strain-specific oils, creating a very robust and authentic strain-specific flavor experience.

We start with small batches of strain-specific, 100% pesticide-free cannabis. Supercritical CO2 is used for extraction of the plant material, which features our proprietary terpene separation process, allowing us to remove and preserve the natural terpenes prior to, and during the extraction process. The cannabis extract is then purified and converted into premium cannabis oil, which concentrates the cannabinoids and removes plant waxes and lipids. Finally, we reintroduce just the right amount of the original strain-specific terpenes to give our cannabis oils that rich perfect flavor and provides the patient with an enjoyable, robust vaping experience.


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