Do you endorse a YES or a NO vote?

NO on prop 64. Prop 64 is not about legalization! Its about commercialization. If California wanted to decriminalize cannabis (which is what people think this is about) it would take less than 5 pages to explain and detail. This 60 plus page proposition 64 reeks of corporate collusion. Ban outdoor growing? Unannounced inspections of growing operations!? Increased criminal penalties for over an ounce and concentrates!? Its bullshit and it stinks. With prop 215 patients have rights, not so with prop 64.


I endorse a YES vote on Prop 64. California is ready for cannabis to be legal to all adults. Prop 64 may not be perfect, but its a step in the right direction, and will allow access to this wonderful plant to so many more people.


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