Do you have a favorite strain for migraines?

High CBD for sure. Try and get some Harlequin Cannatonic or ACDC. These are good high CBD strains that aren’t packed with thc, so it’s a more functional high.


The strain that will work best for treating your migraines depends on a number of factors – at what point in the migraine are you trying to treat it? What results are you going for (being able to sleep pain free, being able to go about your day, etc)? Finding the right strain(s) will take some experimentation, and here is a place to start.

For prevention of migraines I’d suggest a high CBD strain or product. Taking a high CBD tincture can help alleviate inflammation, tension, and stress in general. Massaging your neck, temples, or other tense areas with a cannabis topical can also help keep things relaxed.

At the onset of a migraine I’d suggest a higher CBD stain to try and fend it off. Harlequin is a popular high-CBD strain and the psychoactive effects are minimal.

If you’re okay with some psychoactive effect, Blue Dream is a good daytime hybrid strain that should keep you up and moving while providing some pain relief.

If you’ve reached the point where the migraine has set in and you’re experiencing extreme pain and nausea, a stronger strain such as Girl Scout Cookies can help provide a solid dose of pain relief. Or, if you’re looking to knock yourself out until the migraine passes, you could try Lemon OG Kush – a strain patients report is great for sleep.


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