Do you have a patch that treats pain but does not give any buzz?

I believe you are asking about transdermal patches. Transdermal patches are applied to the skin and left on for a period of hours for pain relief. They are most often THC, CBD, THCa or a combination of these and sometimes contain other cannabinoids as well. Unlike topical creams which are placed on localized areas for pain, transdermal patches are placed on the wrist or areas where the patch will have uptake into the bloodstream. They are considered to be systematic.

In California a well known brand is Mary’s Medicinals, also available in Colorado and some other states. The idea behind the patch is that they are left on the skin and absorbed over a long period of time for relief. This is not a new concept as transdermal patches are used to deliver other forms of medicines as well. The nice thing about patches is that the dosing tends to be accurate and for the most part most patches will not create a head high but will provide body relief. Obviously, you must check the mg of dosage with your patch. When I have used patches I did not feel a head high at all. To read the article I wrote about Mary’s Medicinals transdermal patches please reference the link below:

Cannabis Transdermal Patches: Easy to Use & Effective for Pain

Hope this helps!


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