Do you know of any medical clinic in Europe that perform CBD injections for cancer patients?

I did a websearch about "injectable" CBD and found no reputable clinics in Europe, Israel, or anywhere in the world that perform this procedure and for good reason. Injection can be subcutaneous (into the fat layer under the epidermis); however if there is no hospital-level sterilization of the injection equipment as well as purification/ sterilization of the injected substance there is a risk of cellulitis, necrotizing fasciitis ("flesh-eating disease") or worse. If you plan to inject intravenously, you have the risk of infection as well as the possible injection of air or the CBD preparation, thereby causing a potentially fatal embolism. A cannabis researcher at the University of Colorado Springs Dr. Bob Melamede had some additional thoughts why injectable cannabinoids (CBD or other) are probably impossible: https://www.westword.com/news/marijuana-thc-injection-fears-are-idiotic-says-doctor-and-cannabis-expert-5823296 Basically, he’s saying the cannabinoid preps are lipophilic, i.e. they don’t mix in water, saline, etc; it would be like injecting yourself w/ sap. Thankfully there are much safer means of administering cannabis. Keep in mind not all chemotherapy agents for cancer are given via IV infusion; many are admistered orally. Besides traditional cannabis edibles, there are tincture drops too. Frequent, regular dosing during the day means the blood cannabinoid concentration is kept at a peak. I hope this information is useful


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