do you know where I can buy Topicals. I have been unable to find any

Two places to go would be SAVA or Speedweed. You can find them at getsava.com and speedweed.com. They will deliver topicals to you overnight by courier.

I have tried Om Edibles – Lion Balm, Flour Child – Relief Balm, and Sweet Releaf – Deeply Soothing Body Butter from getsava.com. Flour Child’s Releaf Bond is a CBD based balm while the other’s are THC based products. Sweet Releaf’s Deeply Soothing Body Butter is a THC cream (1 oz – 83mg), while Om Edible’s Lion Balm is a THC balm (4oz – 50mg). Sweet Releaf technically has a more concentrated product and more THC for your dollar, but I find all of them very effective at mitigating pain. I have not yet got around to trying Speedweed’s products, but bet that they are very similar to the one’s I spoke about here. I think you can also order some of these brands directly from the manufacturers.

Going forward, I bet I will hang on to Sweet Releaf and Flour Child’s products. They both seem to work well, but I won’t throw out the Lion Balm just yet. It may not have as much THC or any CBDs, but it definitely has the coolest name 😀


Hello. We have topicals! Xternal Spray, Balm, Cream, Mud, Soak, Roll-On and Body Wash are formulated to provide a high local concentration of Cannabinoids for targeted relief of discomfort and pain. Results usually occur within minutes. Used by athletes and the elderly alike, Come see us at www.XternalRub.com.


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