Does anyone know if this Cannabis Infused Powder "CBD Relief" from The House of Jane will help prevent Seizures?

I do not know and have left a message for the company to question the content levels & ratio of
CBD to THC. CBD is anti-inflammatory and a super high CBD with low THC is beneficial for most people having seizures but cannabis does not control all seizures. I personally discourage edibles when we have a medical challenge that requires exact dosing of medicine for control of the medical problem. I never quite understood how we can be certain of the medical dose a patient receives when the medication is dropped into the stomach as food because the medicine is picked up by the liver and immediately the liver starts to break down the medicine making the dose unknown. With seizures you have a breakthrough threshold and if your dose of medicine falls below that threshold you will have seizures but if you maintain your medication above the threshold you should have effectively stopped the seizures.
What caused the seizures? The cause of the seizures may help us in designing a prevention plan.
Hopefully, this gave you some helpful information and I am still waiting for The House of Jane to respond to my question about content.


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