Does cannibus cause pericardial fluid build up?

"If not, is there a certain type of marijuana that can reduce fluid buildup?"

Pericardial fluid buildup is often times from autoimmune problems but you don’t mention why you have the fluid buildup so that makes your question difficult to answer. Sometimes pericardial fluid buildup is due to heart surgery, cancer or some other complication you’ve had and it could also be that the cause is unknown for your particular situation. This is a buildup of fluid contained in a sack around the heart.
When in doubt, try CBD because CBD or THCA Cannabis will stop inflammatory disease in the body. I have no knowledge of how CBD works or if it will work to reduce pericardial fluid buildup though, but I would try it if I had that situation, especially since there is very little that Western medicine has to offer for the situation. CBD’s are known to help reduce the inflammation of autoimmune disease and CBD tends to protect the heart.
You may want to start with a low dose nonalcoholic CBD tincture spray for under the tongue that you can use multiple times throughout the day to start reversing the inflammatory disease. You don’t necessarily have to know the reason why the inflammation is there before you treat the symptoms to start relieving the condition. If you are having chest painYou can also apply topical CBD:THC salve to your chest frequently at first but as the pain reduces you can start spreading the application out for longer periods of time. Your symptoms may improve but it’s still a good idea find the underlying cause of your pericardial fluid buildup if it is at all possible to discover the cause but using CBD does tend to improve your health and buy some time so a cure for your problem can be found.


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