Does CBD work for back pain? Not looking to get high or have the munchies.

Hello! CBD can be beneficial for pain. If you are interested in non-psychoactive products that have little interference with the appetite, I would recommend a higher CBD combined with a lower THC in the ratio of 20:1. You can use this in a variety of methods including vaporizing, under-the-tongue sprays or drops and topically on the skin at the site of pain. If this doesn’t help much with your pain, or if you notice other symptoms such as fever, numbness, or loss of bladder control, you may need to consult a physician for a more detailed evaluation. Best of luck!


Cannabidiol aka CBD is used by many who suffer from back pain including me. I suggest you CBD Infused topical creams and CBD oil for pain management.
CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help in the reduction of pain. As I mentioned before I suffer from a backache and the most suitable option for me is CBD pain cream. Hope this helps!


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