Does CBD work for Lewey Body disease?


CBD has shown promise for treatment of a number of neurodegenerative disorders in animal studies, so sometimes it is called a neuroprotectant. Unlike Alzheimer’s, dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) has not been specifically studied with cannabis treatment; however, CBD’s neuroprotectant qualities could translate to DLB as well, slowing the progression of the disease over time.


Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) is a very difficult progressive neurological disease, made even more difficult because many commonly used medications like antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, and other medicines active in the nervous system can have serious adverse effects in patients with Lewy Body disease, and often just cannot be used. There is little or no clinical science available to review on the issue of CBD, or cannabis in any form, used in DLB. As Dr. Bultman noted, "neuroprotective" activity of CBD has been observed in the laboratory, and given that CBD by itself has no psychoactivity and virtually no toxicity I would definitely consider it as a possible measure to try. Patients with Dementia with Lewy Bodies can have a wide variety of impairments so evaluation of their status can be particularly difficult. It would be best to do this with some help from the physician managing the patient’s neurological care, if that is possible. I also want to note that I would be extremely cautious about giving THC containing preparations to a patient with DLB, as any psychoactive medication may have unexpected effects in patients with that condition.


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