Does having to wait 6 weeks for a replacement device seem ok?

"I was shipped a defective Firefly2 (confirmed by the Firefly team) and will have waited 6 weeks before my earliest estimated ship time for my new device. When I speak with customer service its as though this is no big deal. For a $300+ product I really expected more. My original order date was April 22nd, so I’m looking at nearly 3 months total to receive the Firefly. RA35249"

The Firefly 2’s are in high demand, and there is very limited stock available as I understand. Lots of people in the industry have been waiting to get their hands on this little device. I am sure they are doing what they can do replace your unit.


No, that is absolutely not OK! We appreciate your business and your trust in us.
We are looking into it.



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