Does HelloMD prescribe anything other than marijuana?

"I’m an almost 4 years sober recovering alcoholic, one reason I use cannabis is to stay sober. I am in a state where it is not legal and I have no insurance but considering naltrexone. Any guidance on obtaining would be appreciated. "

Lots of doctors prescribe Naltrexone so the first place to start would be your own PCP.
If you do not have insurance coverage for medication please consider www.blankhealth.com
When I have had to purchase prescription medications they have saved me 95% but that is not the only prescription deal out there. Good luck in your quest to have a sober life, life really is worth living.


Besides Dr. Olson’s excellent suggestions, I would also look for county agencies (a quick online search should yield phone #’s and contact info) for free/ low cost health care and resources; it may take some digging though but keep up the persistence. I would also try local AA chapters as they might also have other state/ local agencies and other potential resources for someone in recovery. We send our thoughts and prayers for your ongoing journey for continued sobriety!


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