Does it help with chronic pain from Osteoarthritis??

The truth is, osteoarthritis is almost always a deficiency in the building materials necessary to make new healthy cells and the result is inflammation and deterioration of the bone and cannabis certainly can help with the inflammation while you are correcting your diet but please, refrain from strenuous activity until the inflammation has resolved. You may want to go high with CBD & CBG and as the inflammation reduces you may reduce the cannabis. Cannabis tends to be a very safe antiinflammatory medication but you must check for interactions if you are on other prescription medications. Consider topical applications also because cannabis can be especially beneficial if taken in more than one route.


Yes, cannabis can be extremely helpful in chronic pain such as that caused by osteoarthritis. Chronic pain is a very different treatment problem from acute pain, and the most successful approaches involve engaging the patient’s attention and emotions elsewhere from the source of the chronic pain. This is one of the useful characteristics of the cannabinoid and terpenoid effects that many people experience. There may be some actual anti-inflammatory activity involved, as measured by tissue levels of various biologically active compounds, but I see that as an additional benefit rather than the basis for why people with chronic pain, such as that caused by osteoarthritis, often report cannabis helpful. I do agree with Dr. Olson that sufficient numbers of patients have reported benefit from topical cannabis preparations in this condition to make it worth a try, even though little, if any, reaches the systemic circulation when applied as a balm or lotion. There may well be local effects we don’t understand, and the essential lack of toxicity of cannabis makes trying it in this way reasonable. Cannabis will not cure or stop the progression of osteoarthritis, but it can be very useful in treating the chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis.


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