Does Raw Cannabis Balm affect the liver?

Cannabis has been shown to affect how the liver metabolizes certain drugs.

Is CBD oil safe to take if you're taking coumadin?

There is also evidence suggesting that cannabis may be useful in treating liver cancer.

Looking for some advice re: liver cancer…

Additionally, a very recently published study suggests that cannabis may help prevent alcoholic liver disease.

However — when applying cannabis balms, ointments and creams — negligible amounts of cannabinoids enter the circulation. Thus, cannabis balms should not have any appreciable effects on the liver.


I agree with Dr Kim but I did have cancer with liver inflammation and pain but I did use the cannabis topical CBD dominant cream every hour on my upper Rt abdomen and on my upper spine where the nerves come out to my abdomen and it took away the discomfort effectively and the pain never returned after 1 week. I did oral CBD tincture also to stop the inflammation and help me with chemo drugs.
I love the topical CBD cannabis cream.


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