Does Smoking Marijuana Reduce the Body's Testosterone Production?

" You may have already heard about claims that smoking pot can lower testosterone levels. However, with all the information you can get online "

Past studies have reported either lower testosterone levels among marijuana users or no difference among users vs non-users. A more recent study of 1,215 healthy young Danish men aged 18-28 found that regular use of marijuana more than oncer per week was associated with reduced semen quality. They did also find that the men who were using marijuana had tendencies for unhealthier lifestyle (i.e. smoking, increased alcohol consumption, high caffeine intake, recreational drug use), which may also have affected their semen quality (Gundersen et al., 2015).
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Testosterone is a sex hormone. It’s classed as an androgen, which is a male type of sex hormone.  Generally, most of a mans testosterone is produced in his testicles. Adrenal glands also produce some, and so do ovaries in women. The question about influence of marijuana on the testosteron level is not simple and requires more researches and studies. For example, Block RI. et al. stated that smoking marijuana is barely touching the level of testerone. While Murphy L. (2001) stated that smoking cannabis decrease blood levels of the three hormones LH, FSH, and testosterone. However , the some researchers (Gunderson T.J . et al ) mentioned that "serum testosterone concentrations were higher in men with more recent marijuana use".

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