Does smoking or vaping marijuana make you stupid?

"I feel like i know people who have slowed down both physically and mentally from using marijuana. I’m worried about this."

Abusing anything can cause adverse effects in any individual’s life. It is for these reasons, amongst others, that I voted no on prop 64.

Cannabis, in and of itself, does not make you "stupid," though an individual predisposed to developing maladaptive coping will find that things like cannabis, cause them to obsess and overindulge. All of a sudden, something that might otherwise be low in its potential risks, is now used to excess, causing all sorts of other issues while masking the ones that are present.

If cannabis didn’t exist, I imagine that those same individuals would find themselves at a bar each evening at 5pm, as opposed to the couch, where it sounds like they currently reside.


Physiologically speaking, I do not think it makes you stupid. If over used, you may feel slower or more lethargic than you typically do but if you don’t over use it, I don’t believe it has adverse affects on your long term intelligence. As a matter of fact, when used properly, cannabis can be used to enhance your thinking. Cannabis is like any tool, it can be used effectively or it can be abused. Each person need to take accountability for how it is affecting them and adjust their intake accordingly.


when high you may feel stupider as its a feeling you are not used to.
if you abuse it like anything it can be too much. many profesionals my self included use it offten and are able to work fully funcioning lives and just see it as a method of relaxation.

sure you could smoke your self into a stupid state, but within a couple days you shouldnt feel the side effects anymore.


A great example of a cannabis user that has used cannabis as a positive tool to promote creativity and intelligence was the famed astrophysicist Carl Sagan. It was not until recently that his cannabis use had been publicized, mostly due to the negative stigmas associated with regular cannabis users. It is arguable that these negative stigmas in themselves are much more dangerous to the public’s intelligence than cannabis.


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