Does the CBD sativa tincture give the same benefit as the CBD with marijuana in it?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is present within the cannabis marijuana plant as well as the hemp plant. It is an analgesic, combats anxiety, helps with chronic pain and has many more therapeutic benefits. Taking CBD can be done in many different forms effectively, whether that be a tincture, an edible, smoking a high CBD flower strain or even by taking a gel cap.

How you ingest CBD may create different effects, and each person is different. It is always good to try a variety of products to see what may work best for you. My preferred way to take CBD, which I do every day is via a tincture. Sub linguals are typically taken under the tongue. I find this works for me with no side effect but if I take a gel cap, it makes me tired. This may not be the case for you.

I tend to vape CBD if I have a need to immediately manage pain. This is very fast acting and I find it relaxes me as well. I hope this helps!

What's So Great About Cannabidiol, or CBD?


Looks like a little confusion here about what ‘CBD,’ ‘sativa,’ and ‘marijuana’ mean. Marijuana is the general name of the plant (genus Cannabis). Sativa is a type or species of marijuana. CBD is a compound that is created in the marijuana plant, along with THC and a whole lot of other ‘cannabinoids.’ CBD is found in sativa and in other types too. You can see why "CBD with marijuana in it" doesn’t exactly make sense. But @pamelahadfield’s answer about CBD does make sense, and given the fact that there is little or no toxicity associated with CBD I suggest you go ahead and try various preparations to see if one provides particular benefit. Many patients find a particular ratio of CBD:THC that works well for them, and these formulas are available in a wide variety of products. Good luck with your experiments.


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