Dr.Olsen, I took 10,000 Vit. D for I mo. Then 5,000 daily for 2.mo. My test results said 29.

"What would you suggest I do now?

This means you very likely have a VDR snp in your genetic chart…..I have the same issue and vitamin D is critical for me to take on a daily basis but I have to take between five Thousand and 10,000 with food. If you took your vitamin D with a meal with fat in it, You should have absorbed the vitamin D adequately. Did your doctor check your 1, 25 dihydroxy vitamin D level? That is actually the active form and that could have been very high on you. I do suggest you stay consistent with 5000 every day but you must have it followed and get the two tests done to see what level is running through your kidneys. We don’t really want to overload the kidneys but without vitamin D you may ultimately develop the diseases seen in vitamin D deficiency such as depression, hypertension, Heart disease, gaining too much weight because your body is searching for more vitamin D, autoimmune disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and even cancer so you can see that vitamin D is very important. Fresh, Coldwater fatty fish like salmon maybe something else you could tried to see if it will bump your vitamin D up. Sunshine will not work well because to get enough sunshine you do put yourself at significant risk for skin cancers.
You may want to get your genetic tests done through 23andMe.com and when the results are back allow a secondary site like genetic Genie.com to download your 23 and me information into a methylation panel and you will see if you have VDR snps, making it difficult for you to utilize your vitamin D. Their are many other supporting nutrients that helps the vitamin D work properly but typically are not necessary to see a healthy blood level, like vitamin K2. Please eat your vegetables but do not take extra calcium since that actually may increase your muscle cramps and pain. You may also want to seek out the help of a local Naturalpath physician who has studied methylation snps in the genetic chart.


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