drugs and cbd oil

"My husband takes 40 mg of Percocet per day,1-.25mg of Xanax before bed,1-losartan 25mg per day and zofran as needed. He is taking 200mg of cbd oil between his Percocet doses with no results. He wants off of Percocet and Xanax . "

Great idea, what you’ve done unbeknownst to anyone yet is perhaps take the first step In saving his life and certainly addressing the glaring elephant in the room ‘people don’t usually die in fact in lesss than25% of overdose if acute intoxication ‘
It’s the combo of these things together
Stay informed stay educated stay alive


One method that I’ve used to help pts wean off opiates &/or benzodiazepines is to try a staggered approach. I have the pts slowly move their medication schedule is to start off with one or two days/ week where cannabis is the only product used for pain control and anxiety mgmt (with Percocet and Xanax available only for breakthrough pain or breakthrough anxiety). This allows pts to get into the mind set that they can depend on the cannabis for day-to-day pain mgmt and anxiety mgmt. On these days, the pt may need more than just 200mg of CBD tincture (in general, due to the entourage effect I tell pts to get products that have mainly CBD but at least some THC to get a synergestic effect). Is your husband underdoing CBT or other forms of talk therapy? This could be very useful for both the chronic pain and anxiety mgmt. At the very least, pt should be involved in mindfulnes training to help w/ these two condition; Mindful.org has good starting tips. Your husband will also have increased success if he’s maximizing all treatment options (i.e. PT program, liberal use of heat pads & cold pads, myofascial release/ self massage w/ tennis balls against a wall. Also, try the topical med cann preps that go directly on the skin (Arni-Cann is a great product that also uses arnica gel which we use in PT). Keep in mind this transition will also take time so patience is key. I hope this helps and please keep us apprised of his progress!


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