During my interview, Dr Olson suggested a particular salve for pain relief. what was the name of that?

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If you’re logged in, then you can go to the top of the page, and click on View Medical Card. This will take you to your medical records which should include notes from the doctor. I think you’ll be able to find the name of the salve that Dr. Olson recommended. Hope this helps!


Actually, the name of the salve is not important because of all the topical cannabis preparations tend to be regional. There is an excellent CBD dominant salve or cream on our website (under Products) that is 3:1 so it should work well to stop pain. The THC only supports the CBD in the topicals so get one that is CBD dominant for the most effective relief and you won’t experience any psychoactive effect. When I had a lot of pain I put it on the pain area and the area of my spine where the nerves come out to go to that area and I applied the topical cannabis every hour during my waking hours and within one week the pain and left my body. I can’t promise it will work that well for youBut when it doesn’t work as well as usually because people aren’t applying it as frequently as they need to to keep the pain from breaking through. When you allow pain to breakthroughIt imprints the nerves that you want the pain to return!


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