Edibles for Fibromyalgia?

"Looking for edibles for Fibromyalgia since I don’t want to smoke."

can I order edibles online from Texas? I have Fibromyalgia and back pain. I was interested in kiva bars


We have a number of Indica edibles that are great for mental/physical relaxation as well and inducing a quality night’s sleep. Generally you are going to want to stay with the Indica strains of edibles as these will induce the relief lifted above. Additionally, we have a number of tinctures that would help with your Fibromyalgia. The following edibles and tinctures have garnered extremely positive responses from our customers:

Defonce Chocolate Bars (Delicious /organic)
Hashman Indica Dark Chocolate Bar
Cherry Vanilla Soothers (Indica)
Indica Chocolate Coin
Hashman Canna Drops (Indica)
Indica One Tincture PM

You can find a complete list of our products here: https://greendoorwest.com/collections


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