Edibles I have just purchased "hit" as soon they are bitten into.

"I thought edibles took a while to digest and then aided in insomnia relief after vapor and sublinguals. Any suggestions?"

By ‘hit’ I assume you mean that you felt the high very quickly.

When you smoke or vape THC is absorbed into the system fast and you feel the effects very quickly, within a minute or two usually. With a typical edible, this is not the case as you are swallowing and the THC is is absorbed by the liver and undergoes a transformation which turn into 11-hydroxy-THC which makes it more powerful and the effect lasts longer. This can take up to 1-2 hours (or more depending on size, weight and metabolism).

Tinctures, which contain a liquid form of cannabis extract and activate THC through a gentle heat process. Most tinctures will take effect in as little as 15 minutes and are absorbed under the tongue.

It is possible you consumed a raw edible with highly potent cannabis infused oil, which could potentially, if held within the mouth, could hit more quickly. Also, a lozenge or a sucker when kept within the mouth would be absorbed under the tongue and also felt more quickly. Unless you smoke or vape however, it is hard to have an immediate effect.

I’d love to hear other people’s input on this.


The first cranial nerve is the olfactory nerve, which transmits information of smells directly to many parts of the brain and central nervous system. Essential oils and smells can bring about rapid alterations in mood and memories, solely through the stimulation of the olfactory nerve. It is likely that you are experiencing the smells associated with this cannabis prepartion, and your anticipation of the effects of the edible are causing a change in your consciousness. You may also be experiencing absorption of cannabinoids through your mucous membranes, but this will take several minutes to reach your central nervous system. Edibles are absorbed in the digestive system and often take several hours for the full effects to be fully appreciated. Take caution with edibles and start with a low dose and increase slowly!


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