Factor V Leiden and CBD tinctures

"Does anyone know if it is safe to take a CBD tincture with having Factor V Leiden? I have this clotting disorder that I take aspirin for everyday. Does anyone know If CBD thins or thickens the blood? Noone seems to know about this and I really want to know before taking it… I want to try the OTC (Marijuana is not legal in my state) for anxiety and insomnia. If anyone knows the answer please advise. Thanks a bunch! Sherry"

I have heard that cannabis thickens the blood, but I believe they were referring to THC. I tried to look up evidence based articles about CBD and hematological effects, and found that it largely depends on the receptor it is affecting, which I know nothing about 🙁 . I feel this question would be useful to ask your hematologist.


Hallo I want to find out if you started using the CBD and what was the results, I have got the same condition, and also in the process of starting to use CBD.


CBD does tend to thin the blood so the aspirin may need to go but certainly, your bleeding and clotting time must be monitored regularly. If you take Vitamin D3, we all need it, that also thins your blood but it is necessary for healthy new cell formation, your BP, heart and bones and to prevent DM.
You may want a consultation with a Naturopath who knows nutrition and if the Dr is experienced in methylation problems in the genetic chart you will most likely have found a Dr worth seeing to help with your nutritional needs.


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