family member suffering from schizophrenia since 19

"1. My nephew has been battling schizophrenia since he was 19. He also has bipolar disorder. He’s now 30 years old. He’s been smoking marijuana since that time to cope with the symptoms. Unfortunately his lungs have become so inflamed, that he’s developed a severe case of bronchitis and coughs constantly. Are there any alternative options to smoking, that would be easier on the lungs? Right now he says he cannot literally live without the marijuana, but unless he stops smoking it, he will lose his home this month.

  1. During these past 11 years, he’s also grown more and more depressed and anxious. He’s on many medications, including antipsychotics, and currently added antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds in the past 3-4 months. Can you recommend any types of cannabis that could alleviate the emotional suffering?

  2. He lives in Minnesota. If he were approved for medical marijuana through your consultation, would he have to travel to an approved MM state to purchase the marijuana recommended? If so, could he bring that purchase back to Minnesota? Then for each subsequent refill, would that require another trip back to the approved state?

  3. In addition to marijuana, would you recommend cognitive behavioral therapy? We’re wondering if a mixed approached to care would help.

Thank you for your time and knowledge on this serious medical matter."

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