Few ideas hoping help someone

"Hi all,
Following some simply ideas that I’ve used for my EVO, hoping to help someone and give good ideas to Vapexhale staff

Have a glow line indicator on the temp dial instead white one, to easily adjust temperature in dark rooms

Make a sort of removable clip (like ones to hold table cloth to the table) to hold power cord fixed to tables borders or flat surfaces, to prevent any kind of cable pulling and so on

Add antislip rubber bumpers to the bottom of the unit, plastic ones on flat surfaces are very slippery

Thank you Seibo and all the staff for having made simply the best vaporizer of all 🙂

Clouds to you!

Appreciate the feedback, we are always looking to improve our unit. We have been working to improve the user experience of our device and these are very salient points to improve usage, reduce breakage, and enhance the ease of use.


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