First time using a topical cream for pain.

"I cannot tolerate any strong prescription pain meds. I have bought a topical compound of EMU cream with 120CBD, 60MG THC and used it on neck, shoulders for a painful bone spur pushing into my cervical spine at C5. After applying the cream about 5 hours later I have anxiety. Does the cream go into my bloodstream. It helps with pain but the I hate the anxiety."

Your question is very common. If you go by the books, then no, topicals do not go thorugh the top layers of the epidermis and they do not enter the blood stream. I will include an article below.

That said, I always think that there is a chance you could be different, the cream could be different or maybe it just happens! The only sure way to know is if you take a THC drug test, which if this helps with the pain you may want to do just to know for sure.

If you go by what research says, it is only with transdermal patches that you will get topicals that enter the blood stream. The other alternative is to try a different cream.

Do Cannabis Topicals Pass the Drug Test?

I hope this helps! I am not a doctor and this represents my research and opinion only.


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