For anxiety, is a CBD-only formula preferable to one that contains some THC?

"My doctor recommended a high CBD strain cannabis product; CBD:THC (30:1 to 5:1). I’m wondering why I would want any THC at all. Is it better to have no THC, or does a small amount of THC enhance the ability of the cannabis to decrease my anxiety in some way? "

Clinical trials investigating the use of CBD to treat social anxiety have used 99% pure CBD. The dosages have ranged from 100-900 mg per day in the studies I’ve read. These are large doses, and expensive. I have patients that report that 15 mg of CBD is effective for their anxiety, but this is purely antecdotal. Some patients report that low doses of THC attenuate their anxiety, while others report any dose of THC is anxiogenic (Creates anxiety). Be your own guide. If you use THC, start w/ a small dose (e.g. < 5 mg).


The THC is ok to use but your doctor may be protecting you since hopefully, your doctor knows you well. Typically you do not experience the psychoactive effect with cannabis as long as you keep the ratio at 8:1, CBD:THC, or higher CBD but if you lower the CBD from
8:1, or increase the THC, you likely will experience the psychoactive affect. Please, consider asking your doctor why he/she does not want you to have any THC.
For your question, "I’m wondering why I would want any THC at all.", You may want to review the information on our website about the entourage effect of cannabis, the CBD’s work better if there is some THC included, it is considered whole plant medicine.


I’ve been using Cannabis to augment my Anxiety treatment. Your best bet is to start with your Dr.’s recommendation for rations. How I was told to start is to pick different CD/THC ratios and different delivery methods (edible, tincture/sprays, vape, flower)
So start with say a 5:1 (or as close to that as you can get) and find it in all delivery methods available. Then use each for 3 days and take notes on how you feel and how effective they are. Then change dosages. Go slow on the dose, you cannot un-ring the bell so to speak. You will eventually find what works best.

I also recommend you spend time on leafly.com reading up on various strains. they have a whole Anxiety page full of strains. Learn the ones that are 1) available in your area 2) have the ratios your looking for and 3) have low paranoia/anxiety ratings.

I’m big on know the strain(s) used in anything I take, I don’t just like a CBD:THC ration. I’ve seen produces tht mix Hemp CBD and some unknown strain for THC into an edible. If the THC strain causes anxiety, you are not going to help yourself.

Strains that have worked great for me are: Harlequin, Harle-Tsu, Pennywise, CBD Shark, Goji D.C. Blackjack.


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