Getting Desperate with Breast Cancer MMJ

"My GF has stage four breast cancer. The doctors gave up on her. 3 and 1/2 weeks ago started her on a regimen (prescribed by a professional) of RSO – 3 times per day sublingually, and a nighttime suppository. She took as much by mouth as possible (maybe 10 mg), and her rectal administration doubled every week, starting at 42 ml. or so. She was up to around 164 ml. or so this week. The ratio is 50/50 CBD:THC.

She is now on an IV for hyrdration and can barely eat. She is doing worse.

The consultant came back yesterday with a one-week supply of 1 gram suppositories (syringes), with 90% or so of THC. We started last night. We will also finish this weeks’ supply of the 164 ml. suppositories during the day (1 per day).

The problem is that I’m not sure if she can also do the sublingual RSO during the day.

She isn’t vomiting as much during the day, but coughs and vomits at night.
The consultant said that sometimes people get worse before they get better, and that she could be getting rid of cancer cells. She also said that we are early in the game on the RSO program. We don’t know yet. It might kick in. I just don’t know how she can get worse after beginning the program. I am guessing that it can take a while for it to start to work.

If we stay with the full-powered RSO suppositories at night, do you think we might see some results? This is getting scary. Should I encourage her to try and do the sublingual, also? Should we also do the lower dose suppositories? Thanks.


First I am very sorry that your GF has to suffer with this terrible disease. As I am sure you know there has been anecdotal and lab evidence that cannabis may help certain types of cancer. If you are seeing someone professionally, as you state, who is helping with your GF’s treatment and is familiar with her condition, I would suggest continuing with then if you and your GF are comfortable with their advice.
I wish you and your GF the best.

Perry Solomon, MD

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