Green Dragon or OG Kush for insomnia and general mood elevation?

"I have Blackberry Kush and Blue Dream vapor for insomnia. I am thinking of adding either one of these for general increase in mood and quieting the mind. Any thoughts would be appreciated"

For general mood elevation the terpene profile is often more important that the strain. You’ll want to look into strains that have a high percentage of limonene – so I’d be on the lookout for strains that have that wonderful citrus or pineapple aroma. Jack Herer, Lemon OG and Pineapple Nectar would all be great genetics to look for. We’ve also found that a sativa dominant strain with a higher percentage of CBD works great for aiding in mood, anxiety and depression. We get incredible feedback from Cannatonic which has 11% THC and 11% CBD.

I also can’t stress enough how important it is to know how your medicine is grown. We carry only sungrown strains that are cultivated using organic methods free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides (which can wreak havoc on your body’s immune and hormone response).


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