Had double bypass 1 year ago. Is it advisa

The effects of cannabis are well known and more research has to be done into this area. Both heart and lungs have CB1 and CB2 receptors. In the effects of various CBDs and CBNs need more elucidation. Generally speaking the THC and cannabis Can cause excitability and heart palpitations. If you have a cardiac arrhythmia it may be prorhythmic ( cause heart palpitations). If you have underlying heart disease and are on beta blockers he may want to consult with your cardiologist . There are some studies to suggest may help in heart failure; and may be anti-atherogenic. Cannabis use has been implicated as a trigger for myocardial infarction in patient’s with stable coronary artery disease. The biggest impediment to doing more studies is to be able to allow scientists to set up controlled studies with cannabis by taking it out of the schedule I list and moving it to schedule II where it can be studied in double-blind well-designed tests. So somebody with known heart disease more studies need to be looked at and that there may be greater benefit from CBDs and CBNs… avoid the use THC.


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