Hallucinations using cannabis with Effexor

"I have been taking Effexor for many years and recently consumed a small amount of CBD:THC chocolate for insomnia. This resulted in hallucinations rather than sleep. Is Effexor the cause; and are there any suggestions so that I may still use cannabis to help my insomnia."

There are many factors at play here and you may need to experiment. It could be the combination of THC and Effexor. It could be the THC on it’s own. It’s very unlikely that the CBD is the cause. You did not mention the potency of THC or the ratio of THC to CBD. I would recommend that you limit the potency of THC to 5mg while you start out. I would also recommend that you start with a product that has a higher ratio of CBD to THC and monitor for the same effect. If you’re no longer experiencing the hallucinations, but are still experiencing insomnia, then gradually increase the ratio of THC until you find the desired effect. You may even find that a CBD only product may help you. Keep a log of what ratios and potencies you are using – as when you find the right potency and ratio you’ll want to make sure you can replicate it.

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