Harlequin is supposed to be CBD dominant but it still has THC. What effect should I expect to feel?

"I’m interested in a higher CBD strain. Who typically uses Harlequin and what is its effect?"

Harlequin is hybrid strain bred to have more CBD than THC. It is sativa dominant, and provides pain and anxiety relief, without much psychoactivity. Much like fine-wine, each cannabis plant will produce slightly different effects based on its genetics, growing conditions, and the set and setting of the human utilizing it. Harlequin is a good day-time cannabis, providing pain and anxiety while still allowing for functionality. The high level of CBD also has potent anti-inflammatory properties, which will have long-term effects on wellness.


Harlequin is a predominantly Sativa strain with a high amount of CBD. It is not for those looking to feel "high" as the psychoactivity is very low. Many patients report it to be excellent for treating headaches, chronic pain, chronic stress, anxiety, and nausea without creating much mental cloudiness or lethargy.

The high CBD content allows patients to receive many therapeutic benefits without the mental high, and the dominance of Sativa prevents sleepiness. This strain would be great for any of the above mentioned issues as a daytime strain.

There are mixed reports on using this as a sleep aid – some people feel the strain gives them a bit too much energy to sleep, while others report it works well. For nighttime use, self-experimentation is required to see where you fall.

You should expect to feel a calming effect with only a slight mental alteration. However, effects can vary greatly from one individual to the next and one crop to the next, so start with a small amount and work your way up to see how Harlequin effects you.


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