Has anyone experienced an opposite or adverse effect with CBD oil?

"I just took a small dose ~ 12 drops of a wellness oil that included a ratio of CBD and THC 20:1 and i felt very sleep and very irritated at the same time about 20 minutes later. 🙁 even after a good night sleep. I also just started my menstrual cycle and have a bad cold so maybe i need more? I have young children and I can’t be sleepy and the reason why I’m turning to Cannabis is so that I can stop being grouchy and irritated all the time with them. I also have UC, arthritis, anxiety and mild depression. This is my first time trying and need advice. Thx."

I take 5-7 drops of 1000 mg CBD 1:1. Every morning. Perhaps you are starting too high. I would back down, and titrate up to see where your pain relief starts. Then, move up to the point where it hasn’t maximum effect (little to no pain) and stay there.


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