Has anyone had a healthy experience with smoking marijuana? Like its helped them reach their weight goals?

My healthy experience with using cannabis medically includes weaning myself off pain meds, anti-inflammatorries, and muscle relaxers that I used for over twenty years for chronic back pain that "couldn’t be fixed". I also use various forms of cannabis to replace four psych meds that over the years caused much damage – including the loss of my last pregnancy and the inability to have any more. I can address anxiety, racing thoughts from bi-polar mania, and insomnia. I feel better than I have in over 20 years. I finally listened to a myriad of doctors who chastised me for self-medicating and began using cannabis solely for that purpose. They were right! It works! (I also found alternatives to western doctors who could help me without drugs or suggested surgery.)


Something we hear from our patients all the time is that smoking/vaping or eating medical marijuana allows them to better manage their particular anxieties. Many have reported that this aid in handling anxieties has allowed them to move pass the surface level difficulties of their lives and focus on the deeper issues. For something like weight loss, and I can speak on this personally, marijuana could help with you getting past superficial obstacles that are standing in the way of you completing your goals: in this case that goal would be weight loss. Once these superficial obstacles are shed you can concentrate on working with the deep-rooted issues that stand between you and the goals you’ve set for yourself.


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