Has anyone had success treating myofascial pain using CBD?

"specifically, non/low thc options"

Yes, CBD does help with treating myofascial pain, especially if you use a super concentrate CBD in MCT oil or other oil drops you can place under your tongue for twice a day dosing. You will not obtain full relief for approximately three weeks but it is well worth the wait. I usually start patients on a super concentrate CBD spread out throughout the day for the first week and then you can go to twice a day dosing and stay at that dose for three weeks. Adjusted dose after three weeks if you are not getting great results but you will not be high with super high CBD low THC, you will start to get well. Check to see what your local dispensary carries but if it is in alcohol it tends to be too hot to hold under the tongue for absorption orally. In addition you may want to use the topical CBD because that will block pain for 4 to 6 hours.
Keep in mind most fibromyalgia is actually due to vitamin D deficiency or an over consumption of calcium. Excess calcium through nutritional supplements can flood the calcium channels and actually kill the neurological system creating a lot more problems but the answer is not calcium it is taking vitamin D, which is not a vitamin it’s a hormone. Many doctors still recommend calcium supplements but that hurts people who take it unless they have been proven to have a parathyroid imbalance but the vitamin D blood level is above 50 ng/ml. Many people have a vitamin D receptor snp in their genetic chart so they need a functional medicine doctor to help them be well.
Use the CBD cannabis and correct your vitamin D and you most likely will start to feel well within a month.


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