Has anyone tried cannabis cream for herpes virus

Herpes simplex is a common virus in the same family as chicken pox. Herpes virus can live in the body dormantly for a long time until a period of depressed immunity and suddenly results in an outbreak. Oral Herpes called HSV-I usually occurs above the waist while genital herpes or HSV-II usually occurs below the waist.

A 2010 study conducted on humans in Germany confirmed topical cannabinoids reduced pain after a flare up of herpes. Lab tests in Florida in 2004 and Tennesse in 1980 showed THC had the ability to interfere with replication of herpes virus.

Based on this evidence you could try a CBD/THC topical product. Many of these topicals don’t have good testing and labelling as the the amounts of CBD and THC that is in them and even if they did, we don’t have good evidence as to what percentages should be in a cream for herpes. As there is very little downside to using topicals I would suggest you go ahead and try some. Let us know if you have good results.


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