Has anyone used CBD oil to wean off of tramadol? If so how did you do it.


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It is imperative that you follow your prescribing physician’s schedule, and that you inform your physician about your plans to incorporate cannabis into your detox.
Cannabis should help alleviate some of the symptoms of withdrawal, including insomnia, anxiety, nausea, dysphoric mood and irritability.
How to use cannabis during a detox is mostly dependent on the patient: basically use what is necessary to alleviate symptoms, while balancing efficacy with side effects and lifestyle. Most patients do best with indica or indica-dominant hybrid strains, or with products containing similar amounts of CBD and THC, e.g. 1CBD:1THC or 2CBD:1THC.
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Weaning pts off tramadol and opiates, like Dr. Kim mentions, must include the input of your prescribing physician. Ultimately the weaning off schedule is whatever the pt is comfortable with. Pt’s can decrease the tramadol dose in small increments daily and use cannabis products in increasing amounts per day; I just urge caution when administering the two close together as the risk of fall/ accident has been demonstrated in past patients of mine. In addition, the pt can alternate days (one day tramadol, one day cannabis); this method has the advantage of having less chance for physiologic/ psychologic dependency developing for either tramadol or cannabis. In addition, I would explore the reasons the pt want to wean off the tramadol. Is it for personal preference reasons? Is it because the pt demonstrates psychological dependency issues to tramadol? I ask this because I have to remind pts that cannabis can also produce psychologic dependency issues in pts as well. I hope these tips prove useful!


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