Have real difficulty getting to sleep. Any recommendations on best type of marijuana to help induce sleep?

Here are some excellent strains to aid sleep:
Querkle, Granddaddy Purple, Skywalker, God’s Gift, Afghan Kush and Northern Lights.
I also highly recommend:
https://www.cbd.org/products/cbd-sublingual-spray – the 1:1 spray.
https://dosist.com/formulas/ – the "Sleep" formula


Dr. Kim’s suggestion of cannabis varieties associated with improved sleep is a good list to try as these are strains commonly reported by patients as helpful. Some people find that varieties of cannabis rich in the terpenes myrcene and linalool are particularly helpful for sleep, and when you consider that some terpenes (plant essential oils) eg rose, orange, are traditionally used in herbal remedies for calming, this makes sense. Patients often do have to try several varieties of cannabis to find one with the dominant effects they are seeking, such as sedation or promoting sleep. The current way people refer to cannabis effects is to use a shorthand of "sativa" for activating effects and "indica" for relaxing effects. This usage correlates poorly with the botanical meaning (leaf shape and plant height), but nowadays everyone knows that when you say "indica effects" you mean relaxation and sedation. I also like the idea of the Dosist vape pens because they give you a way to quantify how much you are taking, making it easier to reproduce the same dose that provided the effects being sought. Cannabis effects can be somewhat dose dependent, changing in character at different doses, so it’s useful to keep track of how much is being taken at a time. Good luck with your experiments.


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