Have you heard of or prescribed the canabis patch?

Yes, I recommend transdermal patches for patients who need a more constant delivery of cannabis or who find it difficult to redose during the day. Many seizure patients, patients withdrawing from opioids and benzodiazepines, and chronic pain patients like transdermal delivery because there is medicine delivered over a much longer period of time than inhalation sublingual tinctures. Transdermal patches, unlike topicals, actually drive the cannabinoids into the blood stream so care must be taken if you are using THC patches with other forms of delivery at the same time. That can lead to adverse effects. Topicals can be used with other modes of delivery because it only penetrates the upper layers of the skin, acting locally, without getting into the bloodstream. I do not typically recommend patches to patients who have never used cannabis before or for elderly patients. They are best used by patients who are accustomed to the effects of THC and know what dose works best for them.


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