Hello I am wondering if topicals help with libido?

Good question. Cannabis in general seems to help libido. There are many theories as to why such a causing a generalized relaxation causing a decreased anxiety that can help a male perform better as well as a female do the same. When relaxed both the partners can enjoy a more fulfilling sexual encounter. Moat of the products that seem to do this are flower, vape oil, edibles and some topicals.
One for example if Foria Pleasure that is a topical spray for women that is sprayed in their vagina nd clitoris that has been reported to increase sexual pleasure. I have not heard of a similar product for men no of a topical that is placed on other parts of the body with the same results.
this could be that the topical absorption thru the skin is very weak, if at all, unless you have a patch on top of it to encourage absorption into the skin and then the rest of the body.

Perry Solomon, MD

When searching for a libido enhancer, the effect is usually wanted instantly. (unless your activity is scheduled) The most effective result is with smoking,taking into consideration that it’s the fastest reaction. (10-30 seconds) I’d suggest a lower mg of THC (9%-16% indica or hybrid with an indica dominance)
Lower mg of thc will help relax the body and slow down the mind.
You don’t want too much mind activity when trying to concentrate on your partner 🙂
You want you mind to be blank and open to receive energies between lovers.
**this topic is towards the masculine

Depending on the issue, there are multiple approaches. Smoking, Edible and suppositories..
As I perviously mentioned, lower mg is best. You can smoke at a lower mg of THC/CBD or ingest a lower mg of THC via edible. Suppositories being non-pyschocactive are the most effective, high in THC, therefore helping with muscle spasms+relaxation, lead to a mild sedative, relaxing the body and mind, helps to climax without mind distraction. Also a anti-bacterial+ anti-viral, suppositories are great after intercourse.


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